About Us

The word “Req” comes from the word “Requisitoire” and the origin of the word; French (réquisitoire) and English (requisitoire) which means “prosecution” or “death warrant.”

In the early 2000s, the word “Requisitoire” was used as the name of an internal magazine published by the Indonesian Prosecutors Association (PJI). This name is used according to the role and function of prosecutors, among other things, as a general action. The name “Requisitoire” is also still used when “REQuisitoire magazine” is managed by external (private) parties to this day

In 2016, when requisitoire magazine had an online version, its name became “requisitoire-magazine.com.” Furthermore, in 2018, management agreed to present new online media and still revolve around legal journalism with a new name, which is simpler, easier to pronounce and easier to remember, namely REQ + news to become “REQnews” taken from the first syllable of the word “Requisitoire.” REQnews was then officially broadcast to the public on 19-1-2019 and we agreed that this date would be the birth of REQnews.

The name REQnews was also used in order not to leave any traces behind Requisitoire, which has so far focused on legal journalism. We also consider the name “REQ” to be not that far from the word “Recht” (Dutch) which means “law.”

As the name suggests, REQnews focuses on journalism in the fields of law and human rights. There is also tourism (leisure) as an addition so that the law, which is considered serious, becomes calmer. The REQnews editorial team also makes its editorial more relaxed, supported by the presence of supporting videos and photos.

REQnews wants to be a media that is more informative, more educational and more inspiring, becoming a technical and strategic partner for stakeholders in the field of law & human rights. It is hoped that it will be a light that disappoints the entire nation. More and more citizens of the nation know, understand, love and are consistent with the law. Thus “Law is Commander” is not just a slogan.

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